LP art was part of the whole listening process. Have a few special brownies, sit in the sweet spot on the floor between the speakers big enough to park a VW in and scrutinize the jacket. I don't care how flashy CD covers are, they'll never compare to the detail of the great pieces of art that the LP sleeves of the sixties and seventies are. Conspiracy buffs couldn't find a Paul is Dead clue on a CD, even if they stood on a chair and used a shoehorn. You can't use a jewel case to clean your stash on, either, and just try hash under glass with a CD.

My labor of love for the last year has been embroidering quilt squares based on LP covers. To honor my Rock Gods and Goddess. My take on Morrison Hotel is worth framing as a single piece.

Lightly tape the tracing paper to the cover. Double-faced sticky tape works the best.

For Jimi Hendrix I opted for the simple cover of the soundrack album of the eponymous film. Jimi sitting on a tall school, curled around 12-string acoustic (strung left-handed), face almost totally concealed by a floppy brown hat decorated with conchos and a large, colorful feather, against a white background. I had 86'd Axis: Bold as Love because I wanted to be able to finish it before I was eligible for Medicare. The making of the transfer was easily finished. I was ready to hot-stamp it to the 14X14 inch square of unbleached muslin. I set the iron to stun. Carefully keeping the iron moving over the paper so as not to scorch the fabric. 20 seconds is usually optimum. I gently lifted the lower left corner of the paper to check for color intensity.


I repeated the ironing. Still no Jimi. That's when I realised I had forgotten to place the transfer side down.

I had a perfect print of Jimi Hendrix on the bottom of my iron.

It will be forever known as "The Jimi Hendrix Experience."