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Well, what do you pups wanna know? I am 34 years old, divorced, two kids, living on my own. I'm new here.....Wandered in from a link to Wikipedia from a link on a user on Xanga.
I've been playing with computers since I was 16. My first machine was a C-64, with 64KB of total system memory. I've played on every machine since then, familiar with a variety of OS's, and shoot If ONE of my specialties ain't hardware.
Okay, the UGLY. I run Windows ME on my current box. I have Mandrake 8.1 on a dual-boot. Still playing with that. I've built a home network up myself, we currently have 9 boxes and two laptops, and a WAP. Good thing I live in the country, in an isolated small town somewhere in NE Ohio.
Right now, I'm a blogger on Xanga, so this stuff is right down my alley. Just a new terrain to learn, but hey, any geek would love this stuff.

So, for now, (guess I can edit this later) this is all you get.