When we were friends, just friends, we were free. We could talk and be honest about who we were. We could share our selves with each other. Unfortunately, perhaps, we then fell in love, and even made that ultimate choice.

We began making a life together. We cooked dinner for two, put our laundry in the same basket, and used the same bank account. We may as well have become the same person. But somewhere along the line we forgot what made us fall in love. We stopped talking about our selves and discussed the bills instead. We had become a couple.

I suppose I have a different attitude than most as to what makes lovers love. I look around, see other couples, and they seem content to have a steady dinner partner and a steady lay. They're satisfied with the routine of daily living and don't seem to mind that there appears nothing new to discover about each other. I can't do that. I want to be with you because we can share us, not the mortgage.

We fell into that rut, you and I, and forgot to be friends.

I don't love my spouse. I love that best friend I once had. Where are we, old friends, now that we've become "intimate"? Is having a romantic liason intimate if the people involved are no longer friends? Or is it the feeling of obligation that makes you withdraw?

I know you're still in there, but is being a couple what keeps you away? If that's the case, let's lose that piece of paper. Be my friend again.