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Born in Japan, raised in Japan and Europe, lived in US and Australia.
Currently residing in both Japan and Australia.

Studied aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering technology and religion at universities in US.

Ordained Old Catholic minister (with apostolic succession), later Lutheran minister and also graduate level professor of theology in US. Retired from all Christian affiliations.
Also worked as an engineer in Japan, technical writer, engineering instructor and system administrator, as well as a Japanese labor union local chapter executive prior to joining the ranks of management at a Japanese company. Experience in the management in Japan as well as Japanese subsidiary overseas.
Also worked as a translator and interpretor, business consultant for international business and technology related business transactions.
Level 2 Reiki Master in Australia, Level 3 Reiki Master and Seichim in UK. Completed all basic courses for Pranic Healing in Australia. Considered to be a shaman with psychic abilities. While strongly influenced by New Age studies, still remains a strong believer of and faithful to Christianity.