I haven't noded for a while, been too busy with life/school. So here goes nothing.

Well, it's precisely one month until my birthday, one year before I'm an adult. And I have no clue what I want to do. With anything. My girlfriend's birthday was 5 days ago, and I'm seeing her next weekend. I can't wait. That'll cheer me up a little bit. Hopefully. It should. We live far away (not as far as some, but for someone without a method of transportation, it gets to be very difficult). I told her that I'd bring her birthday present up when I go up. Hopefully she'll like it. I got her a small ring. And am getting her a necklace, too. Which I'll put in a jewelry box I got for her a while ago in London. She should enjoy it. Hopefully. As she's said, just me being up there is present enough for her. Hopefully.

Back to my birthday, though. She keeps asking what I want. And I keep saying I don't know. It's odd, cause I really don't. Soon my mom's going to be asking me what I want for my birthday. To tell to relatives. And I'm going to tell her that I don't know. And she'll say that my relatives won't be able to get me anything. And I'll say "time" or "money". Because time would be nice, for obvious reasons (I hope). And money I can save, until I need it (college). But, out of those two, one can't, and the other doesn't. I've noticed that I don't need many more material goods. I've got everything I need, and that basically surrounds my girlfriend and my computer. With some other stuff inserted in certain places. And, the truth is, guys aren't as sentimental as girls are, so the types of things she'd like are not necessarily the types of things I'd like. Which makes it even harder. Because she then can't get something of no use, only sentimental value, and expect it to be cherished. Meaning I'll have to come up with something soon. And that's hard. For reasons previously described. Oh well.

I guess I'm in a sorta depressed state right now. But not really depressed. I'm annoyed at the amount of homework I have. And how little time I have after school. And junior year in general. But I guess I'm mostly depressed about not being able to see my girlfriend for long stretches at a time, like at camp. Ahh, that was nice. 4 weeks of seeing her every day. And now, less than a week a month. Leaves lots of time for other things. Too much time, if you ask me. Of course, that's why I'm sorta depressed right now.

But, as I said before, I get to see her next weekend. And that's good. Great, in fact. But then, whenever I see her I also have to say goodbye. And that's not good. I guess I try to forget about the leaving, and focus on the being. Hopefully.