Why must my parents constantly nag me about doing my homework?

Every day, they ask me, at least once, when I am going to do my homework. It's not like I'm not capable of setting a schedule for myself (something I was forced to learn in sixth grade). It's not as if my grades show me doing poorly, or not studying nearly enough (except for that B in French, which is, undoubtably, my worst subject).

I do many after-school activities, and my parents let me. Sometimes they do so reluctantly, because they think that I will not have enough time to study, but it is obvious that I am not negatively affected by these. I keep up my good grades, despite the fact that I feel grades cannot accurately measure how one does in any class. I do this because, no matter how much I do not believe in grades, they are the most important number (besides the SATs) to get me into college.

I have gone so far as to stop talking to my parents for an entire day (which is quite hard for me, since I tend to ask them a great many things, and I cannot yet drive), but still, they nag me about doing my homework early. When I do it late, however, I have less distractions and I get it done in half the time. But they still nag me about doing it early.

When will they learn? When I become a second-semester senior (though I doubt that I will stop learning, since the courses I will be taking will be what I want to take, opposed to the school curriculum's drivel)? When I go to college? Or will they still e-mail me or call me every day at college to make sure that I have done my work in a "timely fashion"? This thought haunts me, because then I would have to screen my calls and block my parent's e-mail addresses, which I would hate to do.

This has been a rant by non sequitur.