I'd give aldaily.com a little more credit than some do for balance. They do cite good work on the left - and well crafted attacks on the right fairly often. But they lean a little into the academic wind, as it were, and that's fair enough.

They often want to cite exciting, different articles - often contrarian articles, and the academic light industry (a phrase of Robertson Davies' I believe) doesn't pour out a great deal of right-wing theory to be contradicted. (I plan to vote for the Green Party if you need to know a little about my own bias.)

Then again, maybe I'm being seduced by the delight these articles give me - it's a terrific site and a terrific service to humanity.

The same folks, I believe, also extended this franchise to scitechdaily.com and they prominently cite it at aldaily.com - but the format of scitechdaily.com has now been changed to distinguish it from aldaily.com

I also recommend scitechdaily.com - if you want to read about computational origami and how to cure mental illness with diet, as well as how ancient gardens were organized, it's the place.

A tip if you're just starting at aldaily.com - read the articles at the bottom first, because they'll drop off soonest. Yes, there is (or was) an archive but it's messy and very incomplete because many publishers prevent free access to many articles after some time passes.