My main beef with eHarmony is that it does not provide same-sex matching services.

Why not?

Dr. Warren, the founder of eHarmony, is an evangelical Christian. However, he claims that eHarmony lacks the data necessary to successfully match gay and lesbian couples. Apparently, heterosexual couples and homosexual couples are so extremely different in their relationship dynamics that using the same data they use to match men and women to match two individuals of the same gender would result in a very poor quality of match. This, according to Dr. Warren.

Dr. Warren also states that same-sex marriage is "illegal in most states" and eHarmony "doesn't really want to participate in something that's illegal". However, eHarmony Canada doesn't provide same-sex matching services either, and same-sex marriage is perfectly legal there. In fact, eHarmony could be said to be discriminating against that segment of the population that demands those services, and in doing so would in fact be participating in something that's illegal in some parts. In fact, eHarmony has been sued in Los Angeles Superior Court already.

Now, it is my firm belief that friends of gays should show their solidarity with their LGBTQ friends and family by not enlisting the services of eHarmony.