I ran errands today. I got a haircut, I bought hair dye (both red and black), fudge bars, water, a curtain rod that is too small for my 8 foot windows. It seems Wal-Mart only makes curtain rods 6 ft long. Umm, I know, you're thinking I should have measured, but I did; but I must have forgotten, or became too hopeful. I'm not sure, but I kept the receipt, and I'm going to go return it.

So today, I dyed my hair red, and then, I dyed the tips black. It actually looks pretty cool.

So I talked to people today, and it turns out that my Jenn is sick again. She had her brain surgery, and came out of it fine. Now she has been diagnosed with cervical cancer. The poor girl is always sick it seems. They are going to have to do a biopsy soon. Well wishes are much appreciated, and all if any will be passed on to her. In farther news, she just turned 17 a couple weeks ago.

Seems the Gravity Games are coming back to Cleveland next weekend, I hope the weather is much nicer than it was last year, since it was way too hot then. Jane's Addiction and Hoobastank are going to be playing, along with other local bands.

I applied for another job today.