I must say, today was an interesting day. Woke up early, traveled the two and a half hours that it takes to get to my grandfather's house, and picked and stripped concord grapes. Why you might ask? To can grape juice…..of course. So after that, and an interesting meal…don’t ask what it was…it was nasty…. We proceeded to drive the two and a half hours back. =) all in a days work.

Arriving home, in time to do my homework, and successfully keep my one friend up past the godly hours of the night; I stumbled upon an issue. Yes, we all know about this dark plague that stalks the halls of E2……the horrid way that Daylogs are treated.

See, daylogs are used by many as an emotional outlet. We should all know about this. Sometimes, it is good to just write about our lives. Maybe someday, someone will find it interesting and useful… I don’t know, I like reading stories from the past. Everything is a Community, and our people share part of their souls when they write daylogs; most of the time that is. So, I suppose my point is…. I don’t understand why they get such a bad rap, because they should be valued as little windows into people's lives.

I understand that people need to dump votes, and the best way to do so is with daylogs, but is it necessary to downvote w/u's that took time, energy, and sometimes real soul searching to create? I don't think so, and I think it is awful that is happens anyway. E2 should appreciate real talent, not the McFlurries out there. I realize that talent is in the eye of the beholder. And I realize that no matter what I say, daylogs will always be downvoted; it is life. But, if I could beg you to please read them first… read them. Decide if it is good or not by looking… Not everything will be good, but sometimes there is a gem in there. I donno, and sometimes I wish I did know how to fix the problems that we face in life, problems such as this.

I know that my daylog isn't going to change anything. And I realize that. But sometimes venting about how unfair it is makes me feel better. *shrugs*. I realize this prolly isn't the best organized log in the world, I am dealing with conflicting feelings. I simply wish I could convey how I think that some real talent is being overlooked. This isn’t about xp, this isn't about downvotes. Those are just symptoms of the bigger problem. If I could implore you to seek out a new friend, and find out about them… read their daylogs, and encourage them, this would be that plea. Thanks.

On further note, I got my French homework done. =) Je nage comme le poisson. *grins*

no, this isn't a plea for upvotes, luckily I have had a good group of friends who have seen the "talent" of my babbling nodes. This is a small plea for the people out there to look around them and discover the truly remarkable nodes that are out there….waiting to be found.