Ode to my Migraine

Today my head feels about
 six sizes too small
The tightness around my temples 
	The pain in the back of my head.

Today the world seems about
	ten times too bright.
a little too loud, 
		a little too fast.

Today was 3 times too fast for me
	And my little old head.
Too bright for my sensitive eyes
	And my brain on sensory overload.

Today wasn’t a very good day
	Twice as bad as normal.
Work was slow today
	But not slow enough 

Today all the words I heard were babble
	Three times as incoherent as usual
All the sounds were three times as loud though
	Making them unbearable.

Today I think everyone was twice as grumpy,
	I think people were five times as mean.
People with their demands,
	And their impatient needs.

So I am moving slower.
So I wince at every clashing pan,
Every raised voice….
So I feel like crying from the pain….

        And throwing up from nausea 
I feel like closing my eyes and hiding from life.
I am apathetic to your problems, because
	They no longer matter.

Nothing but the ice-pick behind my eyes matters anymore.

I know I haven't noded in a while; not even a day log. But, I have been superinsainlybusy ™ with school and work. I worked five days this week…. I am soooo tired. I don’t feel well either. My friends (or at least the only one whose opinion matters) keep telling me to quit. *sigh* I donno… it's a tough call. But, I am loosing my mind at work. Sainity, or money…the greatest debate ever.

Sorry for complaining, but my head hurts, I feel like I have the right to complain.