How am I? Oi, I donno. I don’t feel very good at the moment. The room feels like it is spinning. I don’t feel the greatest, but; I am doing rather well besides. I am going to the doctor in the morning. I have this weird finger disorder (I should probably word this better, to make the impression that I haven't had these symptoms on my fingers before, but I don’t think I can). So I am going to see the doctor to see if she has any idea what is wrong with my fingertips. The skin is shredding off, and it particularly bad on my middle finger. Me being blessed with health insurance might as well go see her. While I am there, I am going to try and get tested for mono. I donno, however unlikely it is that I have it, it will make me feel better to have a clear yes or no; especially since I feel like I have been showing symptoms of it. *sighs*

I am quitting my job. Why? Well, for one, I hate it. I find any reason to be late or to call off that I can. It isn't the people really, well, not all of them anyway; and it isn't really the work, because I don’t mind it so much anymore… Running for 5 hours straight doesn’t bother me like it used to. Maybe it is that the manager is a jerk; maybe it is that I don’t want the stress anymore… maybe it is because I am sick of people who cannot wait 5 minutes for their precious food to cook completely. Maybe I am tired of the petty people who come in with their demands. I think that is it. I think it is also the fact that my bosses don’t ask me if I mind working 5 days a week (even though I told them I only want 3). You know, they should hire more people if they are short handed; I have the right to call off, none of this "well we don’t have anyone who can do your job." Maybe it is also the fact that they never asked me if I minded washing dishes. OF COURSE I MIND! It is a smelly nasty job, and with this finger infection I don’t want to stick my hands in greasy nasty soapy water; pardon me for being concerned if it falls off or not, but I like this finger (as I like all of them).

Also. Working so much has put a strain on my doing homework. I leave for school at 9:30 or 10:30 (depending on the day), and I don’t get home till 10pm most days because of work. I think most of you will agree that, that is excessive. The bosses at work keep promising that we will start closing at 9pm soon, but, as of yet it hasn’t happened. I need homework time, I fall asleep too many nights on my bed with my homework strewn under me. It isn't fair to me. Also, I need time to apply for scholarships since I am planning on attending a four year school next fall. And, I want to spend sometime with my mom. I don’t see her very often anymore. *sigh*

Sorry for complaining. But, I am happy to say 'Goodbye' to Boston Market. Maybe I will find a new job. Maybe not. We will see what goes on. If I do, I don’t want to work more than three days a week. I think I can be happy with that again. What do you mean I cannot find a high pay low work job?! Heheheh. I am thinking about JoAnn Fabrics with great delight. Mmmmm……fabric.

I am really tired, my appointment is at 7:40, so, I should go to bed now. Thanks for reading this. I don’t know why you did. I wouldn’t have. *laughs*

Now for more interesting reading: My life in the Swedish Army, Fulufjället, I drove my fish to suicide, 23 days in Bhutan, How to get a Goth out of a Tree, Come Mute. Ok, anything more and it would be my bookmark list. Heheheh. Those are all very very good nodes.