Steven Spielberg is the director, of course, you can tell by the awesome cinematography. I would like to start off by saying, that although the movie starts off as mildly disturbing and works it way to being utterly disgusting (note: it is not for the faint hearted, small children, those prone to heart attacks, and the disturbed.) If you stay up late at night thinking about movies, this isn't for you. The blood, gore, and out right sick sexual innuendo is not suitable for children, despite its pg-13 rating, but, like most if not all of Spielberg's work, it doesn't seem over done, fake, or glorified. It seems like theā€¦not natural; but factual, realistic way things in life happen.

Over all, the acting was superb, the plot totally magnificent. Hands down Great plot. Cinematography was up to Spielberg standards, which is in my opinion fabulous. The special effects, lighting, clothing, and over all mood were somewhat depressing, but, it fit the story line well. And the music was haunting, exactly how it should be. =)

I give it 3 and a half stars out of five. I docked it for some of the sexual stuff that didn't need to be in there. And maybe the violence thing could have been taken down a notch, but still good *family* fun.

Brief Plot: A future-istic movie with really cool cars, and this eye-scan system that beats all else. But, movie is about three children who are the product of drug addicted parents, and subsequently they are 'handicapped' for lack of a better word. Two people made it their life's goal to help these children, but many of them died by the age of 12. In the night when these children close their eyes to sleep, they dream of murder. Not any other crimes, but simply murder, because it is destructive enough to the metaphysical whatever that 'holds us together' to be seen by these gifted precog's. Three of these children were strung together to form a precognitive unit that would stop murderers before they had a chance to kill their victims. The Precrime unit was a six-year experiment in the city of Washington D.C. Tom Cruise plays a cop who lost his son, and in-turn helped start the Precrime Unit to help other families. The movie twists when 'John' played by Tom Cruise, is predicted to commit a premeditated murder on a man he doesn't even known in less than 36 hours. Was he set up, or does he actually kill the man? Does he elude the cops? Who killed his son? Does the Precrime Unit go national? What happens to Agatha, Arthur, and Dashiell; the three "precog's"? Why does Agatha keep bring up that Jane Doe women who came up missing? "Do you see?"

What to Learn: Learn to be observant. Learn not to premeditate your murders =). Learn how to beat the system, and to look for flaws. Learn that treating handicapped people as less than human can always alter the way you should see them. Learn to take control of your future. Learn to love. And lastly, learn how to keep your eyeball in your head.

If you aren't looking for an overly happy movie, and you want something that isn't mindless this summer. You want a unexpected jump out of your seat thrill, and want to come away blown out of your mind; this is a good movie for you.

Promise me you won't take your children to see it; Please! For the love of all that is good, they will have nightmares about murder for a week!

Thinking back on it, the movie might not have been that sexual. But you also have to remember, I don't watch TV, and I am overly sensitive to blood and sex in movies. =) thank you.