Today is my birthday

What did I do today? I ran around with my head CUT OFF; yes folks, bloody mess. No, but seriously, this is what I did:

  • woke up to my mom entering my room, thronging me with song and gifts!
  • got myself out of bed and got myself ready for not being home until tomorrow.
  • gathered my things for school: books… fresh fruit, and CLOTHING!
  • drove to school at 9:15am
  • sat in a Student Govt. meeting
  • 11am, convinced my French Canadian friend to come to my French class because we were having a picnic in my class, and it would be fun. We ate cheese fresh fruit and bread! Very French.
  • Went back to my office and spent the next few hours counting money from the car show we had last Sunday, and looking online for stencils since the ones we used at the car show seemed to have disappeared. We made almost $2000 dollars.
  • THEN! I found cbustapeck online, and scribe is in town, SO I got them to drive to my school and go to the mall with me. We had a little mini gathering. We bought gift certificates from a really rude man in customer service for my advisors and we bought me some black pantyhose for my dress for later.
  • We ran amok for a few more minutes and then we drove back to the school
  • Scribe helped me change into my lovely dining attire, and then helped me with my makeup by wonderfully holding her little pocket mirror for me.
  • We waited for my mom to arrive for our meal, and they were about to leave when my mommy appeared; I got to introduce them. =)
  • My mother and I went into the school cafeteria where my department was throwing a recognition banquet for all the school's clubs. It was really long, but it did have highlights. One of those being the moment my advisor asked me to get up in front of everyone and led them in singing for me while his secretary produced a little cake with lit candles. It was really funny. Then, it was my turn to make my announcements, and I got to award them with the gift certificates that I had bought earlier.
  • The banquet was finally over, and we had our fill of pictures.
  • We drove up to our church where they have Friday night gatherings, and we hung out there for a little while, and then I went home.

It has been a long day, but all in all a fairly good one. All is well that ends well so they say.

see how to put a bike in a car for more of the day's events.