When writing my homenode, I used this term to describe my feelings toward a certain person. I was surprised that it didn't exist already, and decided I needed to add it, to truly broaden our feeling spectrum.

When I think of the term 'mad crush', I feel as though it has to describe the feelings that you get inside when you think about, look at, meet someone that your head over heels in love with.

For example, when I think of certain people, my heart fills with wonderful thoughts of them, I'm overcome with happiness when they are well, and sadness when they are ill. For people I have a 'mad crush' on, I notice everything about them, and want to know even more. I probably remember them mentioning when their birthday is, I remember what eye color they have, who their friends are, who they hate. All this effort to get to know someone who I love, and wish to protect.

In the case of a movie star, or famous singer, the feelings are a bit subtler, since, obviously I have never gotten to talk to them, don’t know what they love, who they hate, etc. So how I can ever develop truly deep feelings for someone like that, is beyond me.

"Is love a fancy or a feeling?" or merely a projection you place on the most suitable candidate?