The following is a real life transcript of me talking to Fruan while under the influence of Nutrasweet. Me being ADHD, and nutrasweet being a trigger, this should provide some amusement to someone. Please enjoy.

Fruan:what are you up to?
NoctoVIBE:and thinking about daylogging
Fruan: ... vibrating?
NoctoVIBE:vibrating = bouncing off walls
NoctoVIBE:it's getting annoying
Fruan: So, I'm guessing you've had some sugar ;o)
NoctoVIBE:So have you ever wondered what it is like to be an ADHD adult?
NoctoVIBE:so ok Caffeine slows me down
NoctoVIBE:I think what it is, is that I catch up with myself
NoctoVIBE:but right now I'm bouncing
NoctoVIBE:I don't know how to explain it... but it's kind of fun but it's getting annoying too
Fruan: It sounds like you need to vent a lot of energy into something.
NoctoVIBE:I'm hoping it will go away so that I can sleep
Fruan: ::nods:: I see.
NoctoVIBE:but if I could focus that would help
Fruan: Anything I could do to help?
NoctoVIBE:not really
NoctoVIBE:make me count from 100 backward
Fruan: Heh.
NoctoVIBE:I would get bored at like 99 and stop =)
Fruan: Hah.
NoctoVIBE:ooo! what is that?! A shiny thing!
NoctoVIBE:my eyes hurt!!!
Fruan: Eh? What from?
NoctoVIBE:do you ever get to the point where your mind is racing
NoctoVIBE:but your body is asleep?
Fruan: ::nods::
NoctoVIBE:that is how I am
NoctoVIBE:right now!!
Fruan: Well... I guess you just need something to occupy your mind.
NoctoVIBE:I'm not sure
NoctoVIBE:or I need to focus on calming down
NoctoVIBE:Self Discipline
Fruan: ::nods::
NoctoVIBE:even listen to System of a Down?
Fruan: A little.
NoctoVIBE:HEH that is how I feel
NoctoVIBE:that is how it sounds in my head.
Fruan: I see.
NoctoVIBE:heh SUGAR!
NoctoVIBE:let me think
Fruan: ::blinks::
Fruan: You ok?
NoctoVIBE:am I?
NoctoVIBE:I'm not sure
NoctoVIBE:I am getting a headache from being over stimulated
NoctoVIBE:I'm almost shaking.
Fruan: Awww :o(
NoctoVIBE:yeah it sucks
* NoctoVIBE rocks back and forth with pent up energy like a crazy woman
NoctoVIBE:*sips my coffee*
NoctoVIBE:I'm getting better as we speak, slowly
Fruan: ::smiles:: Good. I'm glad.
NoctoVIBE:but the worst part is that I repeat myself and actions over and over
Fruan: Aww :o(

As of actually posting this I am ok, but while I was thinking about it I decided to log my adventures with ADHD, it was rather fun while it lasted, and it lasted for about 2 hours. Now that my shakes are gone and I am more able to focus, I think I will head to bed, now that I can sleep. Enjoy your daylog of two hours in the life of a hyper girl.