My Jenn is in the hospital again. This time they figured out what is wrong with her. She was admitted Tuesday morning, her symptoms were passing out and not breathing, she was then transported to the hospitals downtown (the world renowned ones), there they ran a whole bunch of tests including MRI's, CAT's, echocardiograms, etc. They finally made two conclusions, the first being that she had/has a blood clot that was making her pass out and stop breathing, she is on blood thinners and they are doing sonograms to make sure it's all gone. Secondly, that she has a rare condition where her skull is too small for her brain, and subsequently brain fluid is drained into her spinal cord. This condition leads to paralysis or death if not treated. What they are going to do when she is off the blood thinners (in about a month) is somehow make her skull bigger. I haven't heard how they are going to do this, but it sounds painful. Jenn is 16, and in school but luckily it's summer break and she won't miss much class… though she will miss her summer and spend most of it in the hospital. She has to be under 24-hour supervision because if something happens to her, the doctors want to make sure she gets immediate care. Luckily her parent's insurance is willing to cover this (I think they have to since it is life threatening if left untreated). My dad and his girlfriend haven't told me what kind of risks there are, there are always risks; so I suppose I am expecting the worst.

Poor Jenn.

On a farther note…on learning what your friendship really means