I am in the process of taking everything in my scratch pad and noding it. I couldn't think of a better place to put this, so I decided to day log it. I realize it will prolly get downvoted, but that is ok. So... here it goes.

With nothing to live for, life is very dull and pointless. A person without direction will perish. Its true, hopeless people are more likely to commit suicide. When you feel like you have ran from all of your problems and they are still hunting you down, finding you, making you come face to face with them. When you feel like the whole wide world is in a big plot to make your life miserable. When friends who knew you long ago comment on how much you have changed, and it isn't your looks, but that you aren't as genki as you use to be. Or, when you are faced with the thought of living tomorrow, and it bugs you; you know you have reached the point in which you have nothing to live for.

Its true that human bodies don't fade, in a scientific way; but it is also true that our spirit can fade away. Why is it we associate enthusiasm with children? Because slowly the cares of this world are tearing our spirits away from ourselves, and we will eventually loose all will to live. It seems to me that this is the main reason people kill themselves. They may not use a knife or a gun to do the job, instead they might come down with cancer and refuse to fight it, or just even a common cold that gets so bad that it causes death.

With nothing to live for, is death so bad? 
We see that Hollywood makes us immortal,
But know this; I don’t want that.
To die is my right, One that you cannot take away.
I have no hope, no strength, no will to carry on.
If there is a reason that I am here, I cannot see it anymore.
  why am I still here?  
If I can no longer walk, will You carry me?
Will You be my reason to live?
Will You inspire me to breathe every second, 
 even when I don’t see the point?
When I cannot go forward, and sure as hell cannot go back
  will You be my reason to look up?
I need a reason to get out of bed everyday; 
  will You make the birds sing sweetly for me?
I don’t always want to exist.  Will You be my reason for being?  
I need to find love again.  I need to see beauty in my world
I need to remember that not everything is bad,
I need to cry, I need to laugh, I need to break my heart of stone.
I want to feel pain, I want to know joy, I want to feel Something….
I want to be whole again.

If you know somebody who has lost the will to live, please, let them know how much you care. A good step is to give them a flower, and make them look at it, to recognize its beauty. People who have nothing see very little of the world around them, life becomes monochromatic, and the simplicity of receiving a flower can be enough to break down some walls. Bring joy into their lives, help them love themselves, and eventually love others. Show him or her a sad movie; this may seem counterproductive, but in fact a good cry can really help sometimes. Let them know that you will be there for them, that they have a real friend who cares about them. This can do a world of good.

But please remember not to volunteer your time unless you truly mean it. If you despise the 5 am calls from the emergency room saying that they found your friend and had to pump the drugs out of his or her stomach, maybe you should just walk away. If you don’t want to be there 100%, stay out of the way. If you love someone so much, that you are willing to sacrifice yourself to help them, you might be the right material to help someone in need.

Something everyone can do to help those without hope is to Smile. Simple as that.

I hope you liked it. It is a guide of what to do if your friends are hopeless...written on personal experiance.