I haven't daylogged in a while, so I feel justified in doing this.

But, what do I really have to say? I suppose that's why I haven’t in a while. Well, first, I'm starting my Biology major in the fall, actually 47 days from now. I'm excited.

I'm also happy about my dorm situation in the fall, I am going to be living with a senior in senior housing, which means that I will be sharing a bathroom with two other girls instead of 22. Also that means that we won't have carpeting, and we will be able to move our furniture! In addition the room is about 1/3 larger than my old room.

More importantly than that though, I am going to Stockholm, Sweden for a little while this winter. I'm sincerely looking forward to that. I have never been to Europe, and I think this will be a wonderful opportunity. I'm going to go visit a very good friend of mine, which should prove interesting.

My aunt had twins last Wednesday. Girls. Emma and Erin. I look forward to seeing them, and I look forward to giving my aunt the baby blankets I crocheted for her these last 7 months.

In nine days I'm having my tonsils removed. I'm excited. I don’t think the idea that I'm going under has hit me yet. I have never passed out in my life, so I'm not totally sure what unconsciousness is like. Once I am healed though, this should be worth it.

Also, anyone reading this who likes techno even a little should check out the artist "4 Strings". It's Vocal House (which, I normally don’t really like being a Drum and Bass girl myself), but I especially like the songs "Take Me Away", "Waterfall", "Diving" and "High On Life" from the "Believe" album. Check it out.

I am trying to study math this summer on my own. I originally enrolled for a math class at CSU for over this summer, but then dropped it when I found out how much they were charging for a 5 week course. $1070 doesn’t seem worth it, especially since they split the class into two parts to be able to charge more for it. So, I found out what the book was (which would have cost me another $114), and bought it online for under $20. I decided I could teach it to myself for cheaper, since I didn’t need the class for credit, simply to warm myself up to math for this fall semester.

I have two jobs now. I am still working at the banquet hall, but now I also clean an office building once a week. It's a really small office of about four people which supports a furniture importing and exporting operation. It's nice. It's a little tedious. This will be the third time I've done it, and thank goodness I don’t have that much longer to do it as I will be going back to school.

I am getting tired of having bad jobs. I'd quit the main one I have currently, but it pays well and I don’t think I'd be able to find another job so close to the end of the summer. I'd go back to Boston Market, but working more hours for less pay doesn’t sound that appealing. Plus it isn’t better, simply different. Also, since I'm working on this math stuff, I am going to be busy during the day working on that. Sigh.

I had a great Fourth of July. A thank you must go out to the people who were there, you know who you are.