On my first week of Grove City. Now, Everyone (ok a handful of people) has been asking me, “Nocte! HOW HAS YOUR FIRST WEEK OF REAL tm COLLEGE BEEN?!?1?11!?!” Well you know what? You’re in luck. That is what this ENTIRE DAYLOG is about! WHOO.

College. First off, the dorms. I live in Mary Ethel Pew this semester, not to be confused with the MUCH bigger Mary Anderson Pew. MEP as it is lovingly referred to as, is a L shaped three floor dorm that holds about 125 girls, it was built in the mid 80’s and is one of the newer dorms on campus. I live in a double with one other girl. And right across from my room is the laundry room and bathroom! I live near the mailboxes too, which is kind of nice, though I haven’t gotten any mail yet. The bathroom is pretty nice, I share three showers with the hall, which has about roughly 22 girls. Not crowded at all. Seriously. Though, it’s odd. The school supplies us with ½ ply toilet paper, and no soap or paper towels. This isn’t a huge deal, everyone just keeps washcloths in their bathroom tote (which stay in the bathroom), and dries their hands off on that. Works well. Lastly, there is the issue of “boys in the dorm”, I’ll start off by saying simply, there aren’t any. None of them live within 1000 feet of here! Hehe. It’s pretty nice. Most of the boys dorms are on the other side of campus. So, how do you see your boyfriend? Well, I don’t have one *giggles*. But seriously, boys are allowed in the girls dorms on Friday night between 7pm and 12:45am, and Saturday and Sunday between 1pm and 5pm. Likewise girls are allowed in boys dorms from 7pm to 12:45am on Saturdays.

Food and water. Always important. First off, the water here is really nasty. It tastes fine if it is cold, but when you aren’t paying attention, it switches to swamp water. As for the food, it isn’t so bad. The dining halls are in MAP and Harker (a boy’s dorm on the other side of the campus), but you can eat in either. The hours are a little screwy. Like Lunch is over at 1:45 on weekdays, but on weekends MAP isn’t open, and lunch ends at 1pm at Harker. I didn’t know that, so I’m going without until they reopen at 4:30. UGH! And then dinner is over at 6:45. WHO EATS THAT EARLY? Seriously! Old people! THAT’S WHO! *growl* So did I mention that the water here is nasty? And tastes like what you’d expect Lake Erie water to taste like based on the name. But seriously, Grove City water is much much worse. But I hear you get use to it. Mmm.

Ahh yes, Studying. My classes seem to be very nice. It’s cool that I am out by 1pm everyday, and have my afternoons free for studying, and working out. The two things I don’t like are: a) my 8am geology class. It’s … for lack of a better work, stimulating. b) that I cannot have lunch till after 1pm on MWF because of my back to back classes. Other than those two complaints, everything is honky dory.

The perks! Yes yes, you knew this part was coming. Why Grove City. I’ll tell you why. First off, the ratio is 50/50 that’s right boys. Equal opportunity. There are one thousand one hundred and fifty girls out there, go get ‘em! The work out room. There is a fitness center open everyday, where you can do all sorts of things, lift weights, use machines, treadmill, there is also a floating track. There are open hours for the pool, and the racquet ball courts… and A BOWLING ALLEY. Oooo. Laptops. On coming to the school, they give you a lap top. That’s right. And it is yours to keep on graduating full time from the school. =) Small town feel. Who am I kidding, it isn’t small town feel, it is a small town. Heh. The snow. Ahh yes, snow. The white stuff that falls from heaven. And no I didn’t move into the snow belt on purpose. Mandatory Chapel. 16 a semester, really not so bad. I’m getting them done now, before my work load increases. And finally; most importantly, the AWESOME SCHOOL THAT IT REALLY IS! With a 43% acceptance rate against me, it was a challenge to get in, but you know what they say, the bigger the giant the harder they fall (I got on my hands and knees and begged until they let me in). No one can keep The Irrepressible Nocte out when she sets her mind to something!

Well, and it’s only two hours from mommy, good home cooked meals, and free laundry.

There you have it. That’s all. …. What? You want more? *sighs*

Fine. Yes, I have made friends, no, I’m not lonely. I think my roommate will be gone almost every weekend. But I’ve met some really really awesome people, and I think it will be nice to finally settle into a routine.

That’s it! You aren’t getting anymore till you send me a post card. Address is on my homenode. =)