Note: This was noded on Sunday EST. Thank you.

Well tomorrow I start classes; so I am going to bed earlier than I normally would. I am starting my Physics class and French II tomorrow. I am actually genuinely excited about physics. Not so much about French…. See I got a C in French last semester, and I cannot get another one.

Found out in December that Grove City has decided not to accept me right yet. They are waiting till March to tell me their final decision. Results posted as soon as I find out. Check my home node around March 15th. *sighs*

I started a daylog about deadlines… never finished it. I am lazy so I am going to add it to this…

Deadline after deadline goes by,
	And yet I sit and idle…
More deadlines pass
	Why am I doing nothing?

Deadlines…  they don't except stray mail
	I am the Queen of late papers.
So why is it I let my future get ruined by deadlines
        Why am I too busy 
            doing other things 
               to take a moment 
                   to examine the deadlines?

Deadlines from the past
Days of regret
Have I learned my lesson…?
	The one hidden in the deadlines.

I have been looking at scholarships to sign up for, you know, to get money for school. And today is the deadline for a very major one that I should be applying to. Unfortunately I am not very good with stuff like this, I remember it… but I always forget what day it is, how close it is. I have done this all my life. I have forgotten days, and idled up to deadlines all my life.

So. The story of my life. I hope once I am back in school that I will be more motivated to do the things I need to get ready for school.

I am also sick. I don’t know what is wrong with me at this point, but I think I am going to call the doctor tomorrow, and see if she has anything open. I have stomach pains, and it hurts when I stand. I haven't been eating either.

In better news, I went to the eye doctor Friday and I don’t need stronger glasses! I was worried that my eyes would get worse the rest of my life. I am already up to -4.0. But, I am happy =)

I also updated my ekw theme today. Its prettier IMHO. Instead of a pale purple, the active links are blue. That’s nice actually.

I need to do some real nodes. I need to stop complaining. Thank you all for listening, I promise my next write up will not be a day log.