The Alma Mater

Music by Frank Roman

Words by I.H. Granath

Oh, sons of Tech, arise, behold!
The banner as it reigns supreme, 
For from on high the White and Gold
Waves in its triumphant gleam.
The spirit of the cheering throng
Resounds with joy revealing
A brotherhood in praise and song,
In memory of the days gone by.
Oh Scion of the Southland!
In our hearts you shall forever fly.
We cherish thoughts so dear for thee,
Oh, Alma Mater in our prayer.
We plead for you in victory,
And in the the victory we share!
But when the battle seems in vain
Our spirits never falter,
We're ever one in joy or pain
And our union is a lasting bond.
Oh! May we be united
Till the victory of life is won.

You can also find the Ramblin' Wreck the official Georgia Tech fight song.

Info from Georgia Tech Commencement Ceremony Summer 2003 program