I like to daylog every once in a while, just to set the events in my life in order.

So, I guess the most important thing to affect me at the moment would be my visitation to a doctor to get tests run to see if I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Today, two weeks later, I went in and got the test results, luckily for me they came back totally normal. This is good. This means that with proper diet and exercise I should be able to maintain a completely normal life. WHOO!

Also I saw some people over the past weekend. I want to say that those guys are so incredible, and thank you to them.

And lastly, I just got back from Return of the King. Not going to ruin the movie for others but; WHOO GOOD HOLIDAY FUN!

Cooking tomorrow. Gingerbread and popcorn balls for Christmas. Enjoying the snow completely. Santa I want my pony this year, kthnx.