Confessions of a Chronic Nail Biter

First the context, my mom is getting married in six days, and I am in the wedding. Earlier in the year, I told her that I would grow my nails out for the wedding. Now, it’s six days to the wedding, and half the nails are longer than they were. I am trying so hard, but never in my life have I put this much effort into not chewing them. I am failing, and I feel bad because I promised.

I don’t know why I chew on them, I like it. I don’t like the way my nails look long, I don’t like the way my nails feel long, I just don’t like them long. It’s six days till the wedding, I hope these bad boys grow faster than I can chew them. I’ve been keeping them covered with nail polish to discourage me from gnawing on them, but that only works so much when you have fingernails as tasty as mine.

I need some people to donate their fingernails to me to chew on, you know, replacements. Volunteers are most welcome, I only need them for six days… so, clean healthy fingers wanted!

But, my mom is getting married, that’s kind of unusual for me; I suppose I thought I would be the first one of us two married and out of the house. I am the maid of honor in the wedding, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’ll write more about it later, or not.

I am not going back to Grove City in the fall. I am changing my major to nursing and I think that should be interesting. At some point in the future, I will be at Kent for their nursing program. Yeah.