Ok, So I am sorry this really isn't going to be really long. In fact, it prolly shouldn't live very long....since it is so awfully short. I just feel the need to day log.... I have been writting about my life in every other day log.. And I needed HAD to write about how great today is! I am writing from school, and in fact I am rushing to pump this out before I have to go to class. If I dont do this now, I wont get to at all this week... we are going camping tomorrow. Today was my first day of class, and it is so wonderful. I just wanted to write to tell you all about how great everything is. How great life is, how great the weather is, (too hot), how great classes are; and how much I love you all. =) I feel Wonderful, and without any drugs either! *smiles* I love you all. Have a wonderful day, and smile!