Any college student who ever pulled an all-nighter, especially several in a row, will know what these are. They are a result of lack of sleep, and the excess of caffeine, nicotine, or other chemicals ingested by the performer of the all-nighter(s). At least, that seems like the obvious source.

The all-nighter shakes start during the afternoon following the all-nighter as slight tremors in the legs and hands. By the evening of the day following the all-nighter, these will have grown, and actual spasms may begin to occur in the arm and leg muscles as they desperately try to shut down. Depending on how long you're actually awake, these can become obvious to others around the all-nighter-er.

Solution? Sleep.

yeh, right. /me prepares the coffee pot with shaking hands for night #2, and lights another cigarette.