Directed by Roman Polanski, starring Johnny Depp.

This very strange movie is about a book dealer, apreciator and general book hunter, who is hired by a fabulously wealthy book collector to evaluate the authenticity of a book, titled "The Ninth Gate". This book is rumored to be able to raise the devil to our world.

All in all, it's not a bad movie, per se, although it is extremely drawn-out, and really quite predictable at times (wow the book is really all three of the others, duh). The ending absolutely sucks, though. Almost nothing is resolved, and the lose ends pretty much jump up and strangle both the movie and the viewer. I like Depp, and I like Polanski, but the story just isn't that great. I also can't see Depp playing the part he plays- that of a total putz. This might be a good movie to watch with a bunch of buddies, since talking over half the movie really won't change that much, and it might make a good makeout movie, since NOTHING HAPPENS for half an hour at a time.