For their album THRAK, and several others, King Crimson worked a kind of band that has never been duplicated: a double-trio. This is how it worked:

Robert Fripp- Guitar, Mellotron
Trey Gunn- Stick, Backing Vocals
Pat Mastelotto- Drums

Adrian Belew- Guitar, Vocals
Tony Levin- Bass, Backing Vocals
Bill Bruford- Drums

One trio plays a riff, the other trio plays another, then the two riffs are played simultaneously over one another. This creates thick, contrasting walls of sound that are unlike any other music I've ever heard.

If you consider yourself a musician, or even if you're into the neat and crazy, BUY THRAK.

water says re King Crimson: Not entirely true that the double trio form has never been duplicated. Check out Ned Rothenberg's Double Band if you can find any.

I have not found any, but you can check out info at: thanks, water.