relocated here.... thanks, dannye.

So my girlfriend and I broke up a week ago, after two and a half years of pretty much solidly good relationship-ing. It was a really good breakup. At more or less the same time, we realized that although we’d had an incredible relationship, and learned more from each other than from anything or anyone else in our short lives thus far, the relationship was not going any farther. There was simply no way for it to do so. We still love each other very much, and we get along very well still. We’ve even hung out several times since then, casually, as friends. It’s been really good.

Today she told me she was going on a date with another guy tonight. I thought I was going to throw up, right there on her shoes. I truly felt nauseous. I didn’t know that would happen. I’m going on a date with another girl tomorrow night, and have already been on one, two nights ago. This “dating new people” thing been a little awkward, but nice. When I told her about them, she had a very similar reaction. She got pale and watery-eyed. There are some things about relationships that it’s best to find out for yourself, but someone should’ve warned me about this. This is awful.