I found this stuff while in Old Town Albuquerque. There's a little shop in the square that only sells chile products and hot sauces. There was an entire wall of this place filled with hot sauces. They had a 1-10 rating scale under each sauce that marked the intensity of the sauce.

If there is one thing to be respected about New Mexicans, it's our incredible resistance to hot food.

There were two sauce bottles in the bottom right hand corner that had a warning sign above them. It said, and I quote: "Not for consumption by anyone with a heart condition or pacemaker, any type of intolerance to hot food, or pregnant women. PLEASE use one drop at a time." I was impressed. One of the bottles was individually packaged in a small black velvet bag, tagged "Scorned Woman".

I was impressed, but to this day I have never attempted to try this on anything. I've never seen it sold anywhere else since. The other was labeled in a slightly more friendly manner, with a picture of a happy little sunglass-wearing red chile pepper laying out under the sun. "Dave's Insanity Sauce" read the label. I took it to the counter, where the owner of the store reminded me that "Thees stuff ees no joke, man." He pointed out the small type on the side of the label where it claims that the sauce will also remove driveway grease stains and strip wax floors, a claim I can't support, but would love to try. I paid for it and took it home. I use about six drops in a stew for four. That's pretty good.