Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Bloodhound Gang was founded in 1993 by vocalist Jimmy Pop Ali (born James Franks) and guitarist Lupus (we don't know his real name). The band's first EP: "Dingleberry Haze", was released in 1994 on Cheese Factory records. After fair local success, the band was signed to Columbia Records, and released "Use Your Fingers", a hilarious album featuring many short sketches and use of samples. The album failed to sell, and the band returned to Cheese Factory (which soon after became Republic Records).

With the addition of a full band: bassist Evil Jared, drummer (and a pretty good one, too) Spanky G, and DJ Q-Ball, the band released 1996's "One Fierce Beer Coaster". The first single from the album, "Fire, Water, Burn" achieved a fair amount of commercial success, and the band left Cheese Factory/Republic again in favor of Geffen Records. "Use Your Fingers" was soon reissued, and suddenly found success on the US Top 100. The second single from 1FBC, "Why's Everybody Always Pickin' On Me" (which strangely enough included John Denver in the video), was released soon afterwards.

While the band has been accused of "schoolboyish immaturity", their talents, diverse stylings, and hilariously vile antics (like vomiting all over each other and the crowd while on stage), have led them to a niche in rock history, albeit a raunchy little one. They claim bands as wide ranging as the Wu-Tang Clan, Depeche Mode and Weezer as influences. In 1999, the band released their third full-length album, "Hooray for Boobies". The single "The Bad Touch" attained success, and the album sold well, mostly to teenage boys with dirty senses of humor.