my mother said to make it rain today. so i did.

Strange days these have been
These days.
The tigress, abused and
Thinks she knows
What she wants
Is all wrong.
But I know she's right.
I went with Lou
To the Dark Side of the Moon
And ended up in Strawberry Fields alone.
Forever. For the night.
From drunken chastity to
Hormonal sobriety
In less than 24.
Good for me.
Or bad.
It's been strange days these days.

didn't it end up exactly how you'd expected?

Today I signed the lease on my new apartment. We can't move in until tomorrow, because the floor shampooers were there, but we did crack a couple of cold ones with the carpet guys before heading back to our parent's houses to finish packing. I'm nowhere near ready, but I'm excited to (finally!!!!) be getting back out of their hair and their house. I'm looking forward to all of it.