I'll be there, all right. Yee-haw! It's not my first night at Tracy J's, but I'll be singin' anyway. Maybe jane and I can do a duet of You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore, and I'll be Streisand. Or not. Loon, is it okay if I shoot JD instead? SoCo makes my face pucker up all funny and I have to pull the lips back off the back on my skull when I shoot it. It's too sweet for me. Last time I was at Tracy J's five of us blew $187.00 on drinks, so I don't think the two-drink minimum will be a big problem for me. I'll have to meet you at your place, though, seeing as I'm a tad under the retarded legal drinking age. See you cats then!

Oh yippie! I get to meet new people! alienhuman, Infinite Burn, and deeahblaahjahalal, I'll see you THERE!!!