So it's been a while.

Somewhere around June I contracted a serious mental illness known as Spider Solitare. No, I'm not kidding. I played that game for at least two weeks with short intermissions of school and sleep. I think it was mostly about just letting the flurry of the previous several months shake off and doing nothing worthwhile or effort-requiring.

Anyway once you've allowed yourself to get that lazy it's harder to bounce back than you expect. Every now and then I still feel that "ugh, even reading fluffy novels is too hard I think I'll just sit here like a broken robot..." And somehow "every now and then" means "every time I think about noding something." So I'm writing a daylog. If there's an E2 equivalent of Spider Solitaire, this is it, right?

I've noticed a lot of people daylogging this week. More daylog chings than usual and I don't know how many apparently special occasions. There seems to be something going on, but I guess I just haven't caught on to whatever it is, yet.

This weekend has been annoyingly noisy. Residence usually gets a couple of decibels louder on the weekend, but not this much. The idiot next door played that one Pink Floyd song on maximum volume repeating loop a couple of hours longer than usual. The girl two doors down had more people getting drunk in her tiny box of a room than usual. How do they all fit in there? And what are they drinking? I always thought drunk people "shlurring their wordsh" was a rumour or something, but apparently, if you get drunk enough... they sounded like they were losing bits of their tongues or something. And as they filtered out, or went to the next party, or whatever, they all seemed to be bumping into the walls and falling down and things. How weird. I don't understand how it can be fun to get so trashed you can't control where you're going.

Someone also messed up the hallway pretty badly. There are strips of wallpaper ripped off and something disgusting-looking on the floor. It looks almost like dried blood -- but I'm sure that much blood wouldn't be left there like that. It must be some kind of food or drink item in combination with the carpet. It's a pretty weird colour to begin with. Thank goodness I can't smell it (I have a bad cold). Whatever it is, it's gross. One of those things that makes me want even more to be an invisible antisocial little island.

This morning on my way to class I noticed more people around than usual. I'm becoming chronically late for Japanese -- I keep sleeping until five or ten minutes before it starts. Anyway, since lots of classes start at the same time, when I get going everyone's usually already in the proper buildings, or else hurrying the way I am. Today there were lots of people kinda meandering around, not looking like they were going anywhere. All of them looked dead-tired and sick. I guess it wasn't just my building that had a really rowdy weekend. Or maybe this is flu season starting up. Hopefully I won't catch it.

I guess this is sortof why I haven't daylogged much in the past, apart from experimental fiction. When I get started on a stream of consciousness sort of thing sometimes it gets away from me and half an hour later I'm still going on about... well, nothing in particular. But I promised myself I would post this, just to get myself started. Maybe now I'll be able to goad myself into a good writeup or two.