Last night i had a party it was supposed to just be a few of my friends but you know how it goes: more and more people they bring friends etc. etc. Things were ok, there were too many people, but everyone was being fairly respectful, (read: my house wasn't too trashed) and it was very quiet from the outside.

Around 12 o'clock things started to get out of hand. People were being loud and spilling things and i got pissed flipped out and told everyone to leave because there were way too many people there.

To quote DancinFool: "when i left your house i was so in disgust of what i saw...friends violating other friends, drugs being used and abused in the kitchen with your cookwear, disrespect for the house, people falling over, i'm so sorry that I had to be a part of that. i felt really really bad for you, and angry for you. i hope nothing unfixable happened."

The house started to empty out and it was better. I started to calm down and by 1:30 only me and Cow Of Doom and one other person were left. Me and Cow of Doom started to clean up and when i was almost done i noticed one piece of paper on the table. i walked over and looked at it and it was a recipe for apple crisp.

That was all that was left behind, and i kept that recipe as a reminder never to have a party again.