I just went on the most amazing 4 mile run ever.

I went to the track at my old high school. My knees have been hurting a bit so I wanted to run on the rubbery joint friendly surface.

As I got there I could see the horrible dark thunderstorm coming in from the right. The wind picked up and huge heavy clouds didn’t just blow over the already dimmed sun, but they boiled and rolled over the sun covering it with an extreme totality. The wind started to howl and I started to run. I watched as lightning hit everything around me, crash after crash after crash. The lightning lit the complete blackness with sharp bolts of light. I ran, and then it rained, lightly at first just a little pitter patter really. I laughed at the storm, it thought it was going to win. Then the fight really started. The clouds opened up and it poured, the lighting shot down at me from every side. I yelled at it I screamed and ran faster. We were in a battle now. The puddles were up to my ankles in some places. I jumped the hurdles on the side of the track and kept going. Now as the storm blew over me the west cleared and the setting sun shone. The sky in the west turned a blue that in incomparable to any blue I have ever seen. As I turned the corner of the track two thick rainbows glowed back at me and a duck flew by. It was still raining but it wasn't a storm anymore it was a defeated drizzle. I finished my run with the rainbows and the setting sun and the birds chirping after the storm. I looked around and smiled. Those were the best four miles of my life I thought. I walked down the stairs from the track and headed home. hahaha my first daylog ever has a negative 9 million rep hahaha