I would like to say i wear clothes with logos on them. I wear Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren and Nautica as well as non brand name clothes and clothes without logos. It doesn't make me any less of a person.

SweetBob says Tommy Hilfiger is "Lame trendy clothing line worn by people that watch too much MTV."
and Didelphis says Tommy Hilfiger is "A brand of clothing designed by a man named Tommy Hilfiger. Usually worn by yuppies that have too much money and not enough brain cells. The people that usually wear Tommy Hilfiger, do this to feel accepted by their peers, because of peer pressure, or to be "original" just like the other 100% of yuppies that wear "Tommy"."

I am not a yuppie. I don't watch TV period. I don't have too much money and i don't wear it to feel accepted by my peers. The clothes looks good. It is a classic style. At my work all the older men wear polo shirts and khakis. I don't wear the ugly bright colored crap that you are refering to. I wear nice looking clothes. If you looked harder you would notice that you don't even realize that people are wearing brand name clothes if the logo isn't big or flashy.

If you think that dressing in non-corporate clothes does something to you that is special then you are just as dumb as the kids who try to fit in by wearing a specific type of clothes. You are just buying into a backlash against these "trendy" clothes.

The point is it doesn't matter what the hell you wear. Yeah maybe from a distance everyone in "abercrombie" is jock and everyone in "polo" is a prep or a yuppie and all the "punks" are stupid anarchists, but when you actually get up close and get to know the person it doesn't matter what kind of clothes they wear. Grow up.