The recipe given by Lometa is a good one, but, i think that drying on a cookie sheet makes the beef tough and adds a greasy flavor. A better drying technique is to hang the beef so it dries on all sides at once. To hang the beef take a standard metal skewer and place maybe ten-ish pieces of beef on th skewer. Now take your oven rack and put it at the very top. Feed the beef in between the metal rods of the oven rack so that it hangs down and the skewer is perpendicular to the oven rack. This is hard to explain i will try to draw a picture

|-----|--s--|  this is a top down view of the oven rack
|-----|--s--|  the row of "s" represents the skewer
|-----|--s--|  the beef should hang down in between each "s"
While this may not seem like a big deal it makes a huge diferece in how the jerky ultimatly tastes. Good luck.

This will only work with real beef not ground beef.