Played by Robert Leeshock.

Liam is a hero of mysterious lineage whose destiny was to discover the true motives of the Taelons - which he has now done; the Taelons were dependent upon humans for their survival. He joined the cast in Season 2 after the death of William Boone, taking his place as protector to Da'an and member of the Resistance. Liam Kincaid was not his real name, nor was he a real human. His parents were the Kimerian Hag'el and the human Siobhan Beckett, and he did not become fully human until midway through Season 4, when he used his Kimera energy to save the Mothership from some nasty dark matter. Liam did die at the end of that season as predicted by pie-rat below, but he returned in the series finale at the end of Season 5 and rode off into the proverbial sunset with Renee Palmer, Ra'jel and Yulyn. If there is one thing that I learned over the past five years, it's that no one died for good on that show!

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