This novel is by Robert Cormier, also author of the fine book The Chocolate War. There have been two film adaptations: one titled I am the cheese and one titled A Lapse of Memory.

A couple of days ago, I picked this book up, and literally could not put it down. It's not a thick book; I think I read it in less than three hours, but I wasn't paying much attention to the clock. Even while trying to avoid a highly subjective writeup, I have to say that this has already become my favorite book, and I'm going to run and buy myself a copy as soon as possible so that I can read it again.

Giving away any of the plot would completely destroy the effect this book will have on you, and along the same lines, I would strongly discourage attempting to find information about this book on the Internet before you've read it. But I will say that for a book written in 1976, it's paints a frighteningly accurate picture of the state of the modern world. I highly recommend this book. The climax will chill you to the bone. You won't be disappointed.