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“These collisions will explode in a burst of energy and of new and previously unseen particles, whose existence, in some cases, has been predicted by particle physicists.”

Yes, I am giving of this answer from my book “Complete Unified Theory (pages-424, 1998)”. First of all I want to say that, we know Einstein equation E = mc2. You look into it and see that matter m is converting into energy (E), energy is nothing but the bunch of photons. Then we can say that matter is made up of photons. We don’t know the real mass of a photon till now. Scientists are doing lot of experiments in different counties; the results are not tallying each other. So, we can not treated it as the mass of a photon. I calculated and fid the mass of a photon and written in my book “Mystery of origin of the universe” (See, NASA ADS Astronomy Database system,…..D, Nirmalendu Das). The photon equation and its converted equation is applicable in many fields from the particle to the universe. The results are same with the traditional theories, there is no variation in decimal fraction also. In my book complete unified theory, I shown that photon is responsible to create millions of millions particle in an atom. “How many particles are there in an atom whose life times are not stable? The answer is, we are applier, the equipments were planed accordingly on the basis of present mathematics and theories. We need to think about the coagulation of photons accurately, thus requires such type of equipment by which all complexity may over come regarding the behavior of particle as well as birth thus the universe--- page- 244, complete unified theory `` You can see the book from -------
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... of Complete Unified Theory; It can Explain the Structure of Electron, Which is the Basic Source of all Energy Like Particles, Stars and Computer's Function, EMR etc. Nirmalendu Das S …… (Please see S-5)
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And you can search for complete unified theory from the ----
“ SB Berlin PK – Search Short List- Translate , Andy Evans. –Berlin u.a : Springer, 2000. Buch, 8. Complete unified theory / Nirmalendu Das. – 1. ed. – Guwahati u.a. : Bani Prokash, 1998 …” also.

books search- The Library, The Abdus Salam International Centre ...
523.1 DAS, Mystery of origin of the universe (unified theory). Das, N. ( Nirmalendu) c1990, availability • [want to locate it? ... - 184k - Cached - Similar pages

The mass of a photon is the key of all source of energy & as a result the complete unified theory is observed; it can explain the structure of electron, electromagnetic radiation / birth of all type of particles, stars thus the universe. The photon equation & its converted equation brings the unification of physics, it is possible to find the mass of the sun, max. mass of the universe, emission of energy from the particles, stars, nuclear reaction, photosynthesis of plant, spectrum analysis, Hubble constant, why black hole etc. I calculated and find that all matter is made up of photon particles. When number of photon changes, the matter changes & thus properties. This is a single theory. You can say also the theory of everything.

So, when CERN attempted to discover the birth of the universe or trying to prove Big Bang theory, during collision of proton-proton reaction, hues amount of photons are responsible to create many types of particles in the chamber, which are unknown to us. The Big Bang theory will show the way to enter into universe only, not the creation of the universe. I am giving thanks to all scientists to do hard findings regarding the universe.
In what way the proton particle will breaks & make new particle, again it will form particle, you can know from the book “ Mystery of the World of Atom” (1998) and you can collect this book from ------

I already written in my book “Mystery of the world of Atom, (page- 116, 1986) that proton will break in a certain two parts and after effect with neutron, electron in a particular form and matter will create.

Prof. C.J.Isham of the Imperial College of Science and Technology, The Blackett Laboratory, Prince Consort Road, London SW7 2Bz on behalf of the Nobel laurite Prof. Abdus Salam ( CJI/fb, 19th February, 1987) writes “ Prof. Abdus Salam has asked me to write and thank you for sending your article “ The Mystery of the world of atom” …. We have filed your work for reference in our Research Library …… my good wishes for the success of your investigations”.
CERN’s experiment proves that photons can coagulate and able to form particle. So, proves that photon have particular constant mass.

Kindly Sir, request to the scientists to enter into this paper and try to do experiment on it. If required, may ask me. If it possible, you may invite me to discuss about scientific matter which I described in my books.
Thanking you Sir,
Dated: 06/11/2008 Yours faithfully,
Nirmalendu Das
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