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mission drive within everything
To boldly go where I shoulden't!
"What you dont know,... Can kill you!"
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hmmm. well firt time for everything... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH... nm

anywho. if one hasnt noticed my name is evilgrin spelled backwards.

and if one needs to know any completely useless information, see me.

Example question.
Mr. So-and-SO:"so what kind of useless info DO you know?"
Landreu: "well i'm glad you asked jimmy..."
Mr. So-and-SO: "my name isn't jimmy?"
Landreu: "anywho, do you know what happenes to mayo when left in the sun?"
Mr. So-and-SO: "no, what does happen?"
Landreu: "well it grows hair!!!"
Mr. So-and-SO: "Amazing!"
Landreu: "Do you know what the most reccomended ointment for burns?"
Mr. So-and-SO: "No What?
Landreu: "Now this will shock and confuse you, so be prepared!"
Mr. So-and-SO: "what is it!"
(building suspense)
Landreu: "Preparation H!"
Mr. So-and-SO: "what!!! but thats insane! What if you got a burn on your EyeBall!
Landreu: "well for one thing, i would want to know how one managed that one, and second, Don't use Preparatiuon H. If anywhere that is where it doesnb't belong!"

P.S. all that is above is FACT, no lies.

_______________Quote of the day_______________

"OnCe I fElL DoWn... AnD iT HuRt!"

Also this box will change often due to my multiple personalities! (spelt wrong for your enjoyment) MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!