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A piece of mail that [enjoin]s its [recipient] to make a certain number of copies that will each be sent to a new [addressee] within a specified period. The [an unusually large number of children|number of copies] is often between five and ten; the [You are on day 1330 of your 30 day evaluation period|period of days] is usually less than a week.

Chain letters may offer [Chain windshield washing|rewards for perpetuating the chain] and sometimes offer threats [Marks which will never be broken|if the chain is broken]. The letters may offer luck, money, or [I asked for no other thing|other rewards]. Chain letters are also used to circulate [Thank god I don't have to make my living passing out bogus petitions|petitions], information, or requests for [charity].

An example of a money-based chain letter: it arrives with a list of [I had names for all of those places, but I can't remember them|six names] and addresses. You are instructed to make [The Jackson Five|five copies] of the letter and send a copy to [the five people you must have in your life at all times|five people of your acquaintance] who are likely to continue the chain. When you make your copies, you [my name first |remove the first name] from the list and [Write your name in the snow|add your own name] at the bottom. You also [My plan to make millions of dollars failed|send one dollar] to the first person on the list, the name that you removed. If all goes well, you will receive $15,625 in the mail, and it only cost you a dollar!

Chain letters that involve money, however, are [I'm so sorry my brain works that way|illegal and unlikely to work].