One of the problems is that when you have an organization with two separate and independent value systems (in this case, school and convent) one of the systems will suffer for the sake of the other. For example, old and/or unqualified nuns can be put to teach children. By unqualified I mean that these women had no preparation, training, or disposition for either teaching or dealing with children. And since the good of the convent has taken precedence, no control is exercised over the damage to the children.

The only thing that still pisses me off about Catholic elementary school is the way it aggravated some of my little sister's instabilities. Maybe it even created them. When she was in first grade, her "teacher" used to lock kids in the closet as punishment, tie them to their desks, and other such merriments. I still wish I had slapped the nun's face when she had me called to my sister's classroom so I could witness her humilation for having made a harmless mistake with some school material.

Two years later, my sister had a teacher who used to fall asleep in class. Perhaps God was trying to give the kids a break. But try to think what in the world kept all those seven year olds sitting quietly in their desks with their hands folded as the nun snored quietly?