I guess I was pretty lucky in this department. My husband is Italian, and in Italy women don't take their husband's last name. They just don't. I think it has something to do with laws of inheritance. Anyway, on all legal documents, the woman's name becomes "FirstName MaidenName in MarriedName," so that if Juliet Jones married Billy Bones, her name on legal documents would be Juliet Jones in Bones.

The kids, of course (?), take the father's last name, unless the wife's family is more noble.

So it wasn't an issue, and I didn't even think about it until one day a newlywed professional woman said to me, "I notice your husband lets you keep your name." And I thought "lets me?" She was bitter about it because she was fairly well known in her field and all of a sudden it was like she was no one, and had to go through the effort of getting her new name out. It was a setback for her.

In my case, I am legally the same as when I was born, but socially sometimes it's just easier to call myself by his last name.