Went to a great Halloween party last night - one of the best dance bands I've heard (and seen) for some time. Really elaborate and clever costumes. One man in a wheelchair made himself up as a grocery shopping cart. Another guy - people had names for him like "Hurricane Man" or "The Windblown Guy" - all his clothes, his pants, his coat, his tie, and of course his hair, were veering off to the left as if a strong wind as pulling them.

I wore an eighteenth-century dress and white wig that I borrowed from a friend in the costume business. I helped my husband dress as a woman. I never realized before what broad shoulders he has. Such a hoot. One puzzling phenomenon was that many men wanted to feel his fake breasts. Just as puzzling was his reaction that he expected it to happen, although he couldn't explain why. I started watching the faces of these guys and they had this look of illicit pleasure, as if they were children stealing candy. Go figure.

Then, on the way home at 2 AM, we were hungry and almost stopped at Denny's (for lack of any real choice), but he was embarrassed to go inside in his dress. I had to laugh, it was so cute.