1. Yesterday: rain, thunder, lightning. In the space-station-like building where I work, the heavy weather sounded like nothing so much as meteorites crashing and disintegrating against our energized hull. The drive home, on the other hand, was among the five most dramatic drives of my life. What with the far-off mountains, the nearby hills, and the low-angled and constantly changing light, I was fortunate enough to have a good soundtrack in some very eastern-sounding song by Sting.

  2. Don't know what made me so melancholy and meditative, but found myself wondering if it would be possible to somehow, at least at times, to view my life with the same dispassionate interest with which I see the lives of others and make such observations as, "Why doesn't she just do such-and-such? Can't she see what she's doing? She ought to just realize thus-and-so."