Quite long and vivid dream, but all I remember is:

We were living in a place with a huge backyard, with very green, lush, healthy grass. As I write, I realize this is laid out like the backyard of my oldest friend, Chris (in real life I haven't seen him for about 20 years). Anyway, it is different in two ways: the first is that it's mine (and my SO's). The second is that the house next door used to have a three-foot retaining wall because the hill was so steep. In the dream, it was a dizzying drop, and it was so windy you would expect Heathcliff (the man, not the cat) to come sidling up, with his coat and hair undulating wildly in the wind.

There is some kind of game going on, that involves chasing and being chased, and I keep ending up by this precipice. There is no fence or warning of any kind. I am so incredibly aware of the danger of falling that I drop to the ground each time I am near it. Down below the people look about two inches high.

Someone new to the game and a bit too aggressive is chasing me, and I am just able to keep ahead of him. Suddenly I put on a burst of speed and leave him in the dust.