Apparently I was engaged to be married to my best friend's husband. He is a nice enough guy, but fairly overweight, and in real life there is no attraction or chemistry at all between us. We were having dinner at his parents' house, and they began talking about his plans to move to India.

I was fairly shocked to have heard this first from someone else rather than from him, but I took it in stride, and later looked into what sort of job I could find there.

The next day when I made some comment apropos of my job search, his father made an eyebrow-raised, condescending-smile sort of remark that made it clear that he didn't take our engagement at all seriously.

Even in the dream I couldn't see how or why we were engaged at all.

What made the dream disturbing in retrospect was that as I began to think about it, it was clear that the dream was taking place after the death of our respective spouses. The connection with some real-life death-related issues (that I am not willing to comment on here) was quite sobering.

+ Note added after noding: The "real-life death-related issues" were only a test, it turns out, of the emergency broadcast system of life.