Oktoberfest at the Vatican

and we were invited! Strange double reality working in this dream: it was at the same time a film we were watching as well as the reality we were living. You watched it while it was happening; you lived it while you watched it.

There was a blonde woman with two daughters: I played the younger of the two.

Many scenes, but I only remember two.

  1. I was on the roof of the Vatican because the press of people and the intensity of the party was getting a bit too much for me. In the distance and the half light I could see Jackie Chan sitting on the roof as well. It was a huge roof, and he was far away. He was on the roof for the same reason I was. He stood, walked to the edge of the roof, and stepped into the rain gutter. It was a very wide gutter, about 3 feet wide, and he lay down in it. I found this alarming, because I'd seen the movie before, and wasn't sure whether the rain gutter was going to hold: I thought it might be the next scene, in which the rain gutter falls.

  2. Now I'm in a theater, watching Jackie Chan on the roof. The party has gotten to whatever comes after out of control. There is a fire, and many partygoers are in danger. I get up and say to my SO, "I have to go, because I save a lot people in this scene." If I don't go, they don't get saved. I have to get up on the roof. On the screen, Jackie steps into the rain gutter, and it gives way. The ankle of Jackie's pants gets caught in the gutter; the gutter hangs on by a nail. It careens dangerously in every direction. By extreme and comical gymnastics, Jackie gets back on the roof and down to the party where he starts saving lives.

  3. Walking down a street with whatshisname and an old lady says to him, "I've got a job for you, if you're tall enough and horny enough." He asks, "What is it?" She replies, "Just be here tomorrow with six bucks and your asshole in a paper bag." Me: "I don't like the sound of that." Him: "What the hell does that mean?" [His that referring to what the old lady said.]